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Student Services HotSpot

Started Sep 15, 2019


Full course description

Course Description:

The student affairs hot spot provides NCM ASM, BSM, and non-degree seeking students with the details of various processes as they work through their course of study. Students can also access all student services through this hot spot of information!

Resources and Information Cover the Following:

    1. Welcome with a bit of history,

    2. Training videos for getting started,

      1. Online learning resource help 

    3. NCM handbook and catalog,

    4. Scheduling an appointment with student services,

      1. NCM calendar,

      2. Academic, degrees and admissions advising,

      3. Counseling and mediation,

      4. Tutoring and mentorship,

      5. Records request,

      6. Financial aid, payment plans, extension fees, all fees paid to the college,

      7. NCM scholarship program,

      8. Transferring credits,

      9. Social support services,

      10. Clinical placement,

      11. Career placement,

      12. Students with disabilities,

      13. Complaint and grievance process,

      14. Miscellaneous questions for the office,

    5. ASM academics

      1. Block system

      2. Plan of completion

      3. Other program requirements

    6. BSM academics

      1. Block system

      2. Plan of completion

      3. Other program requirements

    7. End of trimester steps and submissions 

    8. Enrolling new preceptors, 

    9. Academic organization and homework help, 

      1. Staying organized as a student, 

      2. Homework help, 

      3. Access to journal articles library and book list, 

    10. Organizing understanding and accessing clinical forms for the ASM program 

    11. Graduation information,

      1. Ordering transcripts and records

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